> Is Meusisha in Daghestan Going to Become a New Shiyes?

Is Meusisha in Daghestan Going to Become a New Shiyes?


Paul Goble

            Staunton, November 2 -- Moscow is dramatically expanding its use of social media in Belarus to sell the thought that Belarusians aren’t a separate folks but aspect of the Russian country and hence the NULL countries ought to unite, Anton Matolko of the International Strategic Action Network for Society (iSANS) says.

            They have shifted a lot in their attempt to the internet, he says, simply due to the actual fact practically 100% of Belarusian younger folks use it and simply due to the actual fact it's far simpler for them to unfold such false narratives on-line than within the print media which might be extra intently monitored and controlled by the regime (polskieradio.pl/397/7839/Artykul/2395920,Белорусские-эксперты-ведут-сбор-данных-о-российском-влиянии-в-социальных-сетях).

            Matolko says he and his colleagues are half method by a three-month undertaking to track the net but anticipate to show a few initial findings earlier than the cease of November.  Already, however, it's noticeable what the common gains of this attempt in Belarus by Russian actors seem to be like.

            “Most often, they hire narratives which pro-Kremlin and anti-Belarusian websites create. These narratives are directed at discrediting Belarus and the Belarusian people. On the foundation of different fakes, they post tales saying that the Belarusian folks doesn't exist and that Belarus by no means did and that the Belarusian language is a mixture of Polish or Ukrainian.”

            “From this it follows,” Matolko continues, “that we ought to unite. Belarus and Russia are already no longer fraternal peoples but a single people.”  Until recently, the principal viewers of anti-Belarusian web websites is one which already accepts these ideas. Thus, these websites only reinforced views already in existence.

            But now the drawback is changing: these tales are spreading into nominally impartial websites both simply due to the actual fact their managers aren’t paying attention or simply due to the actual fact they're being paid to contain such stories, a main supply of sales for the websites and for the managers, the iSANS researcher suggests.

Paul Goble

            Staunton, November 1 – For the final month, the citizens of Meusisha, a Dargin village 150 kilometers from the Daghestani capital of Makkhachkala, have held conferences in opposition to the Daghestani government’s plans to construct what they are saying is a fully needless and overpriced canal. During this time, officers equally native and republic-level, refused to meet them.

            Then, NULL days ago, 300 of them arranged a protest assembly to dam the arrival of construction equipment.  The specialists responded by sending in FSB and OMON sets within the desire of calming the situation. No one was arrested, but a couple of folks had been hospitalized after clashes among the village citizens and the forces of the authorities.

            The folks decided to proceed their demonstration on a 24-hour basis. Relatives and chums of these taking aspect have been bringing them meals and supplies. In short, the folks of Meusisha are following the state of affairs of these in Shiyes within the hopes of blocking anything they had been no longer consulted about and really a lot oppose.

            But there are three very very remarkable differences, every of that is doubtless to have an effect on developments. Each of them makes it possible that the protesters in Meusisha are unlikely to get the attention that these in Shiyes have but in addition that if their actions continue, they might have even extra extreme consequences.

            First, the struggle in Meusisha is among villagers and the republic specialists no longer among a a area and Moscow. On the only hand, that promises that what the citizens in Meusisha are doing will acquire a lot less media attention and allure backyard help than is the case of demonstrators in Shiyes,

            But on the other, the citizens of Meusisha are overwhelmingly – a few information say 99.8 percentage of them are members of a single ethnic group, the Dargins, outnumbered only by the Avars within the republic. As a result, the battle over the canal is virtually sure to grow to be a battle among the NULL biggest nationalities in that North Caucasus republic and thus extra explosive.

            Second, the Meusisha protests are about an problem that merely doesn’t have the resonance that the Shiyes demonstrations towards plans to unload Moscow trash within the regions. But on the similar time, exactly as it isn’t as very very remarkable to folks in Moscow, many within the Dargin village can act with out the simple task that the Kremlin will mobilize towards them.

            And third, the Meusisha demonstrators have founded mostly their objections to the canal undertaking no longer just on the reality that they are saying it's needless but that it's overpriced, virtually absolutely a sign these behind it hoped to revenue themselves or their allies. The powers will desire to preserve this quiet, however the population, already difficult pressed, might be extra susceptible to proceed their action.